Doug Cameron's 2012 adventure on the EC.

Installing the latest new rudder

Ocean Diva and Penguin Man fixing things and breaking things. VIDEO

The start of the EC

IronBob course

Ocean Diva and Penguin Man photos from 2011.

trimaran drop out

The Kruger Canoe

Jim brought the new rudders to the EC .Note that the new rudder works like the rudder on the Sunfish and no longer swivels. It is being tried even as we speak at the Everglades Challenge. The factory sponsors a team for the race and they endure the same hardships as the rest of the Water Tribe. Lack of sleep, harsh weather conditions etc. resulting in amazing improvements for the Hobie products.

Jim brought the new rudders to the EC .

Ocean Diva at check point one after 8 hrs of much needed sleep.
race results

Background reading

Follow the progress of Chief

Dolphin Gal Turtled about 3 miles off shore. Coast Guard is on the scene and she is OK. I will update as I know more. Position was 26.32N 81.9W

Thread: EC2011 Log Book at 2 Days 3 Hours 22 Min
DolphinGal Safely Onshore Monday, March 07, 2011, 11:05:00 AM Category: Safety Keyword: From Deena

Dolphin Gal is safely on land in hands of EMS for hypothermia. CG is retrieving the Kayak. I am on my way to pick her up. No voice contact yet. Information is through the wonderful Coast Guard personnel. Reply WAIMANU Safely Onshore Monday, March 07, 2011, 11:39:00 AM Category: General Comment Keyword: Kathy & Deena;

We were concerned over your lengthy stay at the Sannibel Bridge - primarily regarding possible cold and dampness ...glad all is OK ...Carol wants to know -"did you meet the good looking CG guys??:):)" ...take care
Carrie, Carol & Bill (Waimanu)

The tracking software automatically assigns a DNF for anyone reaching a checkpoint after the deadline. However, a blanket weather hold was in place for everyone delayed because of the adverse weather on day 1. Ignore the DNF posts for now. I will have to manually adjust the entries, which I will do asap. If you see the track for a challenger, they are very much a part of the event. It's important that you remind the racer for whom you are a shore-contact that they must arrive at the Key Largo finish prior to the Sunday, noon deadline. Again, many of the DNF's are not warranted and will be adjusted.

Current positions of the racers.

Click here for a map of the area and the point of rescue.

at 9:45 am on March 5, 2011 Bob Dalton was 2 hr and 45 minutes into the race. He had just passed under the Manatee Bridge. I clocked his speed at 6.7 knots. At this point he was 5 minutes ahead of everyone who had elected to sail inside Anna Marie Island. He was 10 miles from the starting point.

Just before passing under the Cortez Bridge Bob had his mast shift and punpture a hole in the side of his ship. He took on very little water since it happened in a small compartment with fore and aft water tight bulkheads.End of the trip at 10:30am.


These are half the ships lined up for the race on March 5th, 2011. They launch at 7am tomorrow morning.

Day one with Jim and Elena

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SCAMP spot

Jim is from the Hobie Factory. Here he is with Ocean Diva sailing last year. This woman is awsom in person. Jim works on the kayak and she stands around promoting the Adeveture Island Tandem. There are many innovations which they are testing on this race. If they work they will offer them to the public.

Tandem Island going 10 knots. No proof of speed though